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Invest Maldives


The Maldives is in the process of democratizing with the intention of establishing political stability, economic resilience and progress-oriented government.

The Government of Maldives is embarking on an ambitious agenda to transform the economy, in order to ensure a more robust and prosperous Maldivian future. With this vision, the Government of President Yameen is fully committed to diversify the economy into new sectors and industries while the process of introduction of regulatory reforms to maximize investment security is underway, including the enacting of a Special Economic Zones Act to facilitate unrivalled economic incentives and a flexible regulatory environment for mega investment projects.

The present Government has always been a promoter of free enterprise and pro-market policies are strongly embedded in government’s economic vision which promotes a liberal and a transparent trading and commercial environment.

With liberal investment policies, including the right to incorporate businesses with 100% foreign ownership, no restriction on repatriation of profits and a highly liberal trade policy regime, the Maldives is ideal for thriving investments.

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Areas of restriction for foreign investors

As per the current foreign investment policy, areas of restriction for foreign investors are as follows;

  • Photography business.
  • Retail Sector (Retail is defined as selling of individual units, and providing service to individual customers), or common areas local small businesses operate in.*
  • Own, operating and managing guesthouses, tourist vessels with less than 40 beds, 20 cabins, tour guiding.
  • Wholesale and retail trade of souvenirs
  • Passenger Transfer service identified as retail sector, however if you wish to seek approval for this area of investment the below conditions will apply.
    • Only in instances where 51% of the foreign company is owned by a Maldivian (individual or a legal entity).
    • And where the company engages in provision of maritime transfer services on a wholesale basis by seeking contracts from resorts.
  • Watersports and related Activities
    • Only in instances where 51% of the foreign company is owned by a Maldivian (individual or a legal entity).
  • Operating bonded warehouse in customs area

Franchise businesses are allowed. However you must provide evidence of franchisee.

Please note that the restricted list is subjected to change. If any changes are brought, it will be publicly announced, please find the most recent public announcement attached.