19 November 2018 Male', Maldives Following recommendations from the Cabinet, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has decided for the Maldives to participate in the Commonwealth of Nations again. The meeting of the Cabinet was held today. During the Cabinet meeting, Ministers underscored the advantages of being a Commonwealth member, particularly noting that it would open up several opportunities to the Maldivian people, especially for the youth. In this regard, Ministers discussed the facilitation of education scholarships and the vast opportunities for Maldivians athletes to perform internationally. Moreover, the Cabinet Ministers noted the importance of Maldives being a member of the Commonwealth, especially in keeping in line with other members of the international community with regard to upholding and promoting human rights, freedom of expression, and ... Read More


18 November 2018 Male', Maldives The Former President of Sri Lanka, Her Excellency Madam Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, has paid a courtesy call on President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih this morning at the President’s Office. During the call, the President welcomed Madam Kumaratunga to the Maldives and thanked her for accepting the invitation to witness the Presidential Inauguration ceremony held last evening. Madam Kumaratunga expressed her thanks to President Solih for the invitation and congratulated President Solih on his assumption of office. She said that it is her pleasure to witness firsthand, an order being re-established in the Maldives. Speaking at the meeting, President Solih and the former Sri Lankan President shed light on past experiences and exchanged views on the importance of maintaining harmony in the ... Read More


17 November 2018 Male', Maldives. President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has appointed members to his Cabinet. The appointment ceremony was held this evening at the President’s Office. The Cabinet Ministers took their oath of Office before the Chief Justice,    Hon. Dr. Ahmed Abdulla Didi. The Ministers appointed this evening are as follows: 1.    Minister of Foreign Affairs - Abdullah Shahid 2.    Minister of Defence - Uza. Mariya Ahmed Didi 3.    Minister of Home Affairs - Sheikh Imran Abdulla 4.    Minister of Finance - Ibrahim Ameer 5.    Minister of National Planning and Infrastructure – Mohamed Aslam 6.    Minister of Higher Education – Dr. Ibrahim Hassan 7.    Minister of Communication, Science and Technology – Mohamed Maleeh Jamal 8.    Minister of Health – Abdulla Ameen 9.    Minister of Education – Dr. Aishath Ali 10.     Minister of Transport ... Read More


17 November 2018 Male', Maldives H.E. Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has sworn in as the 7th President of the Republic of Maldives. The President took his oath of office at the Special Assembly of the People’s Majlis held at the National Stadium this evening. The oath was administered by the Chief Justice, Hon. Dr. Ahmed Abdulla Didi. Following his oath-taking, President Solih signed the Instrument of Oath, and the Chief Justice and the Speaker of the People’s Majlis signed as witnesses. It was then followed by a 21-gun salute and the National Anthem. The Vice President-Elect Faisal Naseem was also sworn into office at today’s inaugural ceremony. The oath was administered by the Chief Justice. Vice President Naseem signed the Instrument of Oath thereafter. The Presidential Inauguration ceremony ... Read More

​Maldives chairs 294th Session of the Colombo Plan Council

​27 March 2018, Colombo
His Excellency Mohamed Hussain Shareef, Ambassador of the Republic of Maldives, in his capacity as the current President of Colombo Plan Council, has chaired the 294th Session of the Colombo Plan Council held on 27th March 2018, in Sri Lanka.
During the Council Session, pending issues of the Colombo Plan were discussed and resolved, as well as further engagements relating to the Colombo Plan Secretariat and administrations.
The Council session was attended by the Secretary General Mr. Kinley Dorji, and 12 representatives from other member states. This is the last Council Meeting Secretary General will be attending, after a successful four-year-tenure at the Colombo Plan, since May 2014.
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Government of Maldives statement in response to EU Parliament resolution on the Situation in the Maldives

March 15, 2018 Male', Maldives The Government of Maldives notes the EU Parliament resolution on the Situation in the Maldives.(2018/2630(RSP) As reiterated in its response to the EU Council’s Conclusions of 26 February 2018, the State of Emergency currently in place was declared to ensure national security and Constitutional order, to uphold the rule of law and to safeguard the peace and stability of the nation. This State of Emergency is only applied to individuals alleged to have carried out illegal activities in connection to the Supreme Court Order of 1 February 2018. The Government does not intend to pro-long the State of Emergency and plans to lift it as soon as the threats posed to national security are addressed satisfactorily. The Government also ... Read More

The Government of Maldives appeals to all Maldivian political parties to re-engage in All-Party-Talks

Male', 11 February 2018 In view of the changing political landscape, specifically after the announcement of the Jumhooree Party, the Government of Maldives renews the invitation sent to all political parties, calling for constructive dialogue in view of the existing situation of the country. The Government reaffirms its commitment to engage in productive discussions due to the recent changes in the political scenario in Maldives as well as the emphasis put on discussions by foreign parties. The Government of Maldives believes that this will be a good platform for all political parties to put forth their concerns and come up with mutually beneficial solutions for the nation. Read More

The Government of Maldives Request all Visitors to Abide by Local Laws

Male', 09 February 2018 The Government of Maldives urges all visitors to abide by local laws and regulations. The request comes at a time when the Maldives Police Service has handed over two visitors to Maldives Immigration for not having the proper visa while working as journalists in the Maldives. The two individuals included one British national and one Indian National who had entered the country under tourist visas but were working as journalists – in direct contravention of the Immigration Act as and other related regulations. The Maldives Police Service has also requested that travellers to the Maldives respect Maldivian Law while urging all visitors to adhere to immigration guidelines and to visit the country under the proper, and relevant, visa corresponding to the ... Read More

President Conveys Independence Day Felicitations to the President of Sri Lanka

04 February 2018 Male', On the occasion of the Independence Day of Sri Lanka, President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has conveyed felicitations to the President of Sri Lanka, His Excellency Maithripala Sirisena. The President’s message to the President of Sri Lanka read as follows: “On the auspicious occasion of the Independence Day of Sri Lanka, the Government and the people of the Maldives join me in extending our warm felicitations and sincere good wishes to Your Excellency, the Government and the friendly people of Sri Lanka.” “Our beloved countries share a special bond of friendship based on history, shared values, understanding and mutual trust. With heightened people to people contact, the relations between our two countries have been fortified over the years, and have led ... Read More