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    March 27, 2018
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Registration (Maldivians Residing in Sri Lanka only)

The Embassy encourages all Maldivians residing in Sri Lanka to Register here, in order for us to keep in touch with changes to rules, regulations, respond to emergencies and other.

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The President’s Office
Ministry of Tourism
Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture
Ministry of Environment and Energy
Ministry of Economic Development
Maldives Immigration 


The Embassy will provide consular services
to Maldivians from :
Monday to Thursday 0930-1530 hrs
Friday- 0930-1230 hrs.

Embassy of the Republic of Maldives
25 Melbourne Avenue,
Colombo 04, Sri Lanka.
Phone: +(94)112580076


RT @sunbrk: Lanka gai dhiriulhey dhivehinnah hiyaa mashroouaa behey haassa programme eh baavvaifi
h J R
HIYAA mashroo ge mauloomaathu dhinumah honihiru dhuvahu Srilanka ga programe eh kuriah gendhanee.…
h J R